Samantha Ditzel
Samantha Ditzel's Fundraiser

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~Drink from the Well. Give today so that others may drink tomorrow!

$8,050 towards $15,000

I'm joining the Water is Basic community by becoming a Water Warrior to raise funds for the gift of clean water!

Water is Basic is unique because it's a local organization, dreamt by South Sudanese and employed by South Sudanese. That means in times of conflict or in times of peace, the work continues.

The 5-year civil war in South Sudan ended on September 12, 2018. With so many returning to their homes to rebuild their lives, the number 1 need upon their return is clean water.

Would you help me reach my goal so that we can all help others in South Sudan have access to clean, life giving water? Just a small donation will go a long way!

Let's transform lives with the gift of clean water!