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Let's Transform Lives with the Gift of Clean Water

Give today so that others may drink tomorrow!

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After serving with Water is Basic for the last few years,my dream to go there really happened. I was able to travel with the Water is Basic team and represent you,the faithful givers. I saw the South Sudan Team at WIB in action,providing water to our sisters and brothers in and near Yei. I was able to go out in the field with the team and see the fruits of your donations providing access to water. I was there when Water is Basic celebrated the 1000 water project in May 2019.


I was able to see that Water is Basic is doing so much more than water. The peace initiative is well underway and WIB & its partners in South Sudan are hard at work to bring about lasting change. Police recruitment and trainings,trauma healing,small business workshops,and conferences promoting transparency in government and forces- there is alot going on !

Water is Basic is unique because it's a local organization, dreamt by South Sudanese and employed by South Sudanese. That means in times of conflict or in times of peace, the work has continued.

The 5-year civil war in South Sudan ended on September 12, 2018. With so many returning to their homes to rebuild their lives, the number #1 need upon their return is clean water.

"Water is Life" - I heard this repeatedly on my recent visit.
Will you give life ? Your donation is life-giving.

A donation of any amount will make a difference.

Thank you,