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This Christmas, Let's Give the Gift of Clean Water

Give today so that others may drink tomorrow!

$3,057 towards $2,500

Merry Christmas !


It is hard to believe another year is almost over. For me, it is one I will never forget. Several highlights in my personal life - but none higher than the blessing of being able to travel to South Sudan. And not once, but TWICE. My first trip was in May and then I went again in October.

I saw the work firsthand friends. Your donations are making water flow. I saw it- it shot out of the ground like a giant wave from the ocean. I will never forget that moment. The shouts of joy,songs and screams- it must be what heaven is like I am convinced. Pure joy.

Our team of well technicians and reporters are on the ground every day. They repair 2 wells almost every day giving lasting hope to those that had to walk miles to fetch water often from unsafe and contaminated sources. New boreholes are surveyed and being drilled. The demand is great. There is much work to be done.

I was able to see that Water is Basic is doing so much more than water. The peace initiative is well underway and WIB & its partners in South Sudan are hard at work to bring about lasting change. Police recruitment,trainings and graduation,trauma healing,small business workshops,and conferences promoting transparency in government and forces- alot has been accomplished !

Water is Basic is unique because it's a local organization, dreamt by South Sudanese and employed by South Sudanese. That means in times of conflict or in times of peace, the work has continued.

The 5-year civil war in South Sudan ended on September 12, 2018. With so many returning to their homes to rebuild their lives, the number #1 need upon their return is clean water.

"Water is Life" - I heard this repeatedly on my recent visits.
Will you give life ? Your donation is life-giving.

I'm asking you to consider adding Water is Basic to your gift-giving this Christmas. Any amount will help.

Thank you,