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Let's Empower Two Communities With the Gift of Clean Water!

With your donation, you'll be added to a closed fb group to journey with me to South Sudan!

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

$2,240 towards $2,500

Last fall, faithful friends and family generously donated $2550 to my #GoTheDistance Campaign for clean water. ❤️ That's enough to restore two wells. Let's do it again!

Do you realize that those gifts empowered our team to continue to provide clean water solutions to South Sudan in the midst of a civil war?

After a 5-year civil war, peace has come to this new nation, and people are returning home. The #1 need upon their return is clean water. All have experienced trauma as they have either witnessed or experienced tragedy. As they begin to rebuild their lives, I ask that you join me in providing the basics of clean water.

I travel to South Sudan this November to join our local WiB team. By donating to this campaign, I will add you to a closed Facebook group that will journey with me to South Sudan. I plan to post regular updates of photos and videos with our team and with community members. It would be such a great encouragement to me to have a community of supporters here, but more importantly, your contribution will empower hope and life by giving the gift of clean water to our dear friends in South Sudan.

  • The cost to restore 1 well = $1250
  • The cost to restore 2 wells = $2500

Would you help me reach my goal of $2500 so that we can all help many in South Sudan have access to clean, life-giving water? Any amount will go a long way!

Let's bring hope with the gift of clean water!

xo- Carrie