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Summer water campaign

It's my 55th birthday

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

$1,505 towards $1,250

Summer Fundraising Campaign

Hi friends,

My birthday was June 12th ! Many helped me celebrate and helped me raise money towards well restoration.

I'm asking you to consider a donation of $550. $55., $5.50 . Can you guess gold old I am ? Please ...even $.55 will help reach the goal.

The team in South Sudan is working hard to restore wells for folks returning home and building new wells too. A well repair is $1250.

I encourage you to think about how accessible water is to you. How many times a day do you access water? Washing,bathing,brushing,drinking,cleaning,watering -our list goes on and on. But others walk miles and miles for this basic necessity. This is a problem that CAN BE SOLVED ! Doesn't everyone deserve access to clean,safe water ?

Water is Basic is unique because it's a local organization, dreamt by South Sudanese and employed by South Sudanese. That means in times of conflict like now, the work continues.

Would you help me reach my goal so that we can all help others in South Sudan have access to clean, life giving water? Just a small donation will go a long way!

Let's transform lives with the gift of clean water!